POLY-PRAT SA company dedicated since 1967 to the transformation of thermoplastic by injection and subsequent finishes (welding by ultrasonic and induction, mounts and automatisms) as well as the construction and repair of moulds.

Main nave of 1.700 m2 and another of 500 m2 in EL PRAT DE LLOBREGAT industrial area, excellently communicated which is located only 5 minutes from the airport of Barcelona, 7 km. from the port of Barcelona and connected with the main roads.

Poly-Prat has modern injection machines fully equipped from Tm 30-480, with capacity to inject parts up to 2000 g. Quality management system according to ISO TS16949: 2009 and ISO 9001:08 since 2005 in its various updates.

Quality management system according to ISO TS16949: 2009 and ISO 9001:08 since 2005 in its various updates.


Machinery park with 14 horizontal injection machines and 2 vertical ones fully prepared to work with any type of project, no matter which scale or complexity it has, and capable of working with an injection range of 0.2 to 2000 grams and a clamping force of 30 to 480 Tm. All injectors are fitted with peripheral equipment, such as dryers, cutting ribbons, separating belts and temperature regulators, for a better cycle optimization.

Horizontal injection machines

30 30Tn
55 55Tn
80 80Tn
100 100Tn
120 120Tn
180 180Tn
379 380Tn
30 30Tn
80 80Tn
80 80Tn
110 110Tn
120 120Tn
205 205Tn
479 480Tn

Vertical injection machines

80 tn 4 stations rotary plate
190Tn Sliding plate of two stations

80 80Tn
190 190Tn


In addition to injection and post-production works, POLY-PRAT SA has:

  • ultrasonic welding machines up to 2000 Watt
  • induction welding machine
  • humidification chamber for polyamides
  • automatisms
  • hall for assemblies in order to to deliver a fully-finished product ready for final use, or for application to the product for which it is intended

The workshop is equipped with:

  • numerical control milling machine (CNN)
  • lathes
  • grinding machine
  • and EDM machine for the manufacture of moulds, prototypes and tools, repair, modification and maintenance of moulds.

This allows us to have a fast and large capacity of reaction in front of unforeseen during production, minimizing machine downtime, as well as the development of modifications by our customers


The company has its own climate control laboratory equipped with:

  • MMC (DEA) up to 500 cm
  • Profile Projector MITUTOYO
  • and dynamometer up to 250 kgs. force, among other resources.

This allows that all products receive a rigorous monitoring before, during and after manufacture. This ensures the total compliance with the standards and specifications of our clients.

We also carry out the approval processes of the product, which affects from the moulds to the part or subassembly final parts.


From a requirement of the customer, the company proposes products, systems and methods combining the creativity, experience and technology of their technical team. Ultimately, POLY-PRAT SA works closely with its customers to improve the performance of their projects of ID and increase business opportunities.

The project begins with an analysis of the conceptual proposal of the customer and continues with the design of layouts and 3D prototypes, to the choice of materials, manufacturing and testing of mould, the manufacture of the product and their finishes.

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